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The NestHouses

NestHouses are a house design from designer Jonathan Avery and Tiny House Scotland, specifically commissioned for Social Bite. A lifelong passion for architecture, green design and sustainability prompted the project to research and design a beautiful wooden building with high quality materials, offering complete protection from the environment whilst being light-filled and snug. Tiny House Scotland finished building the prototype NestHouse in June 2016 – a culmination of over two years research and development to produce a highly insulated modular moveable small eco-house. This energy efficient, eco-friendly, sustainable Small House can be on-grid, off-grid or hybrid powered.


The NestHouse project brings together the physics of building science with aesthetic design and individual craftsmanship to create a new alternative for sustainable living. It’s a snug wooden building which offers a significantly improved living environment to traditional temporary accomodation models for the homeless.

Being moveable allows real sustainability – the NestHouse can moved to another site and can be used on pre-development land in an urban setting.


It is very cosy and energy efficient – featuring a highly insulated shell 25cm thick with minimal cold bridging and U values exceeding even the new stringent Scottish standards for new-build residential houses. The construction utilises many innovative ideas and all materials are carefully chosen from sustainable sources. All wood is FSC and PEFC certified. It is designed for longevity and ease of maintenance. In addition, construction is designed for optimal material usage and minimal wastage.


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